Thank you for showing an interest in Taylor Machining,  we hope these pages will answer some of the questions you may have.

Our shop rate is $75.00 per hour.  We have been in business for 23+ years as a precision machine shop, I personally  have 35 years
machining experience. We are ISO9001 compliant, we have a climate controlled shop and inspection where we produce the highest
quality product.  We invite you to get our customers evaluations regarding our quality ratings & on-time delivery ratings, their names
and numbers are available upon request.

Here at Taylor Machining we know what our job is,  to make you more profitable by doing business with us (Quality / Delivery / Cost).  We accomplish this via higher level of efficiency  than our competition (in house and on your floor) one way is because,  more then 50% of our customers contracts our classified as dock-to-stock (saving customers time and $1000's in Q.A labor costs).
If you issue contracts this way we will met your qualifications for it,  if you don't? ( yet) get ready for a
                                                                                  new vender experience and over all profitability .

We have a diversified background in the Commercial, Aerospace and Government Industries.  We can accept drawings via e-mail attachments .dwg .dfx .stp .step . preferably .stp

I personally held a position on the flight crew of the Mars Pathfinder project at J.P.L., from the first piece of flight equipment in the high-bays
to completed space craft. (which by the way, JPL is the finest organization with the best group of people that I have ever had the pleasure of
working with--I thank them for the experience.)  We at Taylor Machining know what it means to pay attention to detail.  You don't get a
second chance with a space craft and you don't get a second chance with a customer.

We look forward to building a long-term relationship with you and given the opportunity--we always do.


The Team at Taylor Machining
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